With their first class comfort and spacious cab, these wheel loaders are both environmentally and economically friendly. With Tipping load ranging from 16,535 lbs to 45,040 lbs and Bucket Capacity from 2.4yd³ to 18.3yd³. The operating weights ranging from 22,930 lbs to 69,180 lbs gives you a variety of loaders to choose from to get the job done and the horsepower ranging from 121HP to 355HP back it up

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These Liebherr tailor-made crawlers have been labeled as the world’s most extensive range of machine and attachments. They range from operating weights of 14T to 80T with powerful engines ranging between 76kW and 2984kW. The Backhoe bucket capacity for these machines range from 1yd³ to 8.90yd³

Wheeled Excavators

The wheeled excavator A 900 C Litronic is the “smallest” of the Liebher hydraulic excavators in the standard range. The power unit is a 4-cylinder Liebherr construction machinery engine, producing maximum output at only 1800 min-1. The hydraulic pump, a Liebherr variable displacement pump with swashplate design is controlled via the Liebherr-Synchron-Comfort-System (LSC). Mode switching ensures synchronization of the engine and hydraulics output to the respective application conditions. The Liebherr quick-change-system, comprised of the Liebherr hydraulic quick coupler and automatic hydraulic coupling system LIKUFIX allows the tool to be changed in no time.

Material Handling

Liebherr’s Material handling equipment has a wide range of variations with operating weights ranging from 20 to 160 tonnes. The machines are used for handling scrap metal, cargo, freight and timber, as well as in the recycling industry. The 10 models available range in engine output from 173HP to 536HP and Tier levels of 3 to 3. Grapple capacity information available per request


This PR724 uses hydrostatic transmission systems. This allows it to maneuver with both tracks powered and without shifting gears. The machines can also turn in very tight circles and even counter-rotate on the spot. With the operating weight ranging from 37,000 – 44,750lbs and engine output of 161HP. The Blade capacity has a range of 4.11 to 5.58 yd³ and has a travel speed of 0 to 6.8mhp.

Liebherr Product Specifications

Wheeled Material Handlers: LH30M, LH40M, LH50M, LH50M HR, LH60M, LH60M HR, LH80M, LH80M HR, LH120M
Crawler Material Handlers: LH30C, LH40C, LH50C HR, LH60C, LH60C HR, LH80C, LH80C Gantry, LH120C, R974C, R974C HR
Wheeled Excavators: A900C, A924C
Crawler Excavators: R924, R926, R936, R946, R956, R966, R976
Wheel Loaders: L524, L528, L538, L542, L550, L556, L566, L580, L586
Crawler Tractors: PR724, PR736, PR746 (same page as 736), PR756 (same page as 736), PR764
Crawler Loaders: LR624, LR634

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