Single drum vibratory rollers

Single drum rollers are used in soil, base and trenching applications. Dynapac offers a range of 5 ton, 54” to 30 ton, 84” single drum rollers. Options such as padfoot drum kits and compaction meters are available as well as other available features.

Double Drum Vibratory Rollers

Dynapac’s double drum asphalt roller range features everything from the most compact equipment for repair jobs to large machines for the biggest sites. Vibration dampened platforms, swivel seats for better visibility, logically sorted controls and Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS) all contribute to the maneuverability, operator ergonomics and safety

Pneumatic and Static Compactors

Dynapac offers three different combinations of pneumatic rollers. Dynapac’s pneumatic tired rollers are especially designed for the compaction of bases, sub-bases and mainly for asphalt mixes on any kind of jobs. The machines have seven or nine wheels: three or five steered oscillating front wheels and four traction rear wheels.

The CS142N is a 3 wheel static roller covering 83″ of compaction width. These machines are very useful when vibration is not an option.

High Capacity Planers

These machines are capable of removing asphalt and concrete across a profiling width of 2010/2100 mm at a maximum cutting depth of 320 mm. Hydrostatically driven by four steered track drives, practical standard equipment and a range of options combined to make your planer one of the most capable in the latest generation of cold planers. Dynapac also offers the PL350D, PL500T and PL500TD which offers a 13.8″ and 19.7″ width cut. These machines are excellent to compliment larger milling machines and make difficult precision cuts as well as shoulder work.

Dynapac Product Specifications

US Full Product Range acrobat-icon Download PDF
Single Drum Vibratory Rollers acrobat-icon Download PDF
Brochure of Range CA2500-CA4600 acrobat-icon Download PDF
Pneumatic Rollers acrobat-icon Download PDF
3 Wheel Static Roller (CS142) acrobat-icon Download PDF
Tandem Asphalt Roller – Larger acrobat-icon Download PDF
Tandem Asphalt Roller – 900-1300 acrobat-icon Download PDF
Planer PLS2000 acrobat-icon Download PDF
Planer PL2100 acrobat-icon Download PDF

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