Cutter Wheels

The DCW range of cutter wheels has two high torque hydraulic motors per wheel, guaranteeing a powerful cutting force for higher than expected performance in medium hard rock or reinforced concrete.

To cover the widest variety of operating conditions, Drumcutters can supply wheels designed specifically for narrow trenching and slot cutting in rock or concrete. Able to work under water, they are ideally suited for canal work or underwater demolition projects.

• Strong housing
• Proven tool design
• Smooth, regular cutting action
• Wheels for various cutting depths and widths
• Heavy duty, exchangeable supports to limit cutting depth


Transverse Drum Cutter

The transverse drum cutter is ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for mixing different materials in the ground.

The well proven modular construction system enables drum cutters to be adapted to local conditions. Due to the availability of interchangeable cutter heads and hydraulic motors, it is possible to produce a special drum cutter suitable for most applications and conditions.

By simply changing the cutting head, it can be converted into:
• Tunnelling cutter
• Profiling cutter
• Tree stump removal cutter
• Mixing cutter

Longitudinal Drum Cutter

Longitudinal drum cutters are normally used in special applications in foundation work, tunnelling and in concrete renovation. They are also ideal for cutting narrow trenches and for mixing application.

These special drum cutters consist of extremely robust spur gears driven by high torque hydraulic motors. The gear wheels are so robust that the drum cutters can be used in the most difficult conditions without risk of failure.

• Smooth cutting action
• Adaptable to excavator specifications
• Comprehensive quality management system
• 360० rotation without disconnect

Excavator Patch Planing

The EX RANGE of drumcutters patch planers are designed for the accurate planing of asphalt, concrete and stone. The machines are ideally suited for the repair of asphalt surfaces as well as work requiring tight tolerances, such as the removal of very small depths of contaminated concrete or screed floor surfaces.

The Exactor range consists of patch planers available in 4 sizes, suitable for use on excavators from 6 to 40 tons. The cutter drums for each machine will be available with a choice of tools and cutting widths.

• High torque range of hydraulic motors
• Continuously variable depth adjustment
• Continuously adjustable bearing surfaces
• Robust, wear resistant drum housing
• Heavy duty, wear resistant sliding frame
• Housing with integrated water jets

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