At International Iron we understand the importance of attachments to accomplish your job needs. We have an extensive background in specialty applications such as demolition, scrap, material and waste handling, land clearing and many other applications. Attachments are a small investment compared to production and monetary benefits when applied properly. International Iron will assist you in every step of the process to ensure you are getting the right attachment for your application. Since we carry the Sany excavator line, hydraulic attachments are easily fitted with low cost since bi-directional hydraulics with integrated joystick rocker switch and button controls are standard. Most of our Sany machines are outfitted with a third rotator or hydraulic coupler circuit that provides another added feature to install the right attachment. This provides a great value to our customers as there is little downtime and avoided high cost of retrofitting a machine that does not have these auxiliary hydraulic functions. We can also provide most any attachment for most types or brands of construction equipment. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with the right attachment for your application.

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Drumcutters International Inc. are specialists in the supply of hydraulic attachments for cutting or grinding rock and concrete, planing asphalt and concrete surfaces, auger drilling and tree stump removal. These attachments have many different applications and can be specialized for your specific application. Products are well proven and add value to excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders by increasing the range and quality of work that these machines are able to perform.


Pemberton is a leader in the manufacturing of loader and excavator attachments. Pemberton manufactures their attachments in Longwood, Florida and is a staple for common and specialized attachments for the Florida market. Though they have a considerable commitment and presence in the Florida market, products are used and accepted worldwide. Pemberton is dedicated to quality and support of their attachments as well as focused to provide the right attachment for your application. Product line is diverse and can be specialized such as custom main pin hydraulic thumb/bucket combinations, specialized hydraulic rotating grapples or a specific attachment you may need for your application.


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